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My experience with Captain Contracting was exceptional. Beams needed replacing and access was done through the floor of a rental unit. This extensive repair required dismantling of the kitchen and bathroom fixtures and replacement of the flooring. The work was done within the time frame and cost giv…
Linda MazewskiEast Village

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Brownstone Facade Restoration Contractor Brooklyn Manhattan

Brownstone Restoration

Brownstone Restoration Contractor Brooklyn

Brownstone Restoration is a brown Triassic-Jurassic sandstone Restoration and also a popular building material. Thinking of Brownstone / Renovating your property? We are historic Brownstone Restoration contractor With Brooklyn Manhattan In NYC and serving beyond for last 15 years. Brownstone Restoration was central to the look and feel of American architecture. It is found not only in row houses and individual residences, but also in religious, industrial, commercial, and public buildings.Brownstone Restoration

Brownstone Restoration use was most common in the Northeast, close to the principal quarries. We are Service Contractor on Brownstone Restoration preserving and restoring historic buildings replacements and repairs. We also Contractor as a Brownstone Renovation  Siding, Concrete, Waterproofing Contractor, Cement Work Contractor, Brick Pointing, Painting , Sidewalk, Roofing, Scaffolds Work, Steam Cleaning, Carpentry, Plaster Service Contractor, Kitchen Remodel Contractor , Bathroom, Scaffolding Contractor, Tiling and all kinds of masonry Work Contractor. Captain Renovation & Contracting Inc will Work with full Confidence. So, you will not feel that you choose a wrong way.

Our commitment to our clients, our community partners and to each other is  create healthy, sustainable neighborhoods in business. We are Contracting with full dedication to building high quality work and we provide exceptional customer service. Our experienced team will help you to fill your Brownstone Renovation in your budget.