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I have completed a number of projects with Captain Renovation including the restoration of the of My 1870 Brownstone in Ft Green, Brooklyn.Their work is meticulous and excellent. Hossain is easy to work with, well informed about the technical process as wells the landmarks processes. I can hardly…

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Brownstone Facade Restoration Brooklyn

Paint Removal Work

Paint Removal Work Contractor

Paint Removal Work is one best services of Captain Renovation & Contracting Inc. We asked some people that why they Paint in their home wall or brick. And why they do Paint Removal Work ? To light up the outside of property following quite a while of air contamination and grime that have made the property look grimy and dull.Paint Removal Work BrooklynTo conceal sprinkles of paint that had been brought about when the woodwork had been repainted. Someone said about painting work at the time that artistic creation the block and stonework was the design however tragically. They didn’t know the harm they were bringing on to their property prompting issues. for example, keeping the block/stone to inhale, or that water could get behind the paint and cause dampness inside the property.

When the harm is getting much then they want to remove painting from their wall. For that Captain Contracting represents you the Painting Removal Work.