Kitchen Renovations & Remodelling

Kitchen is the heart of the home and the need of the home. Captain renovations bring you the ultimate kitchen renovations and remodelling hence call us today for an appointment with our kitchen experts, call us for amazing services today.

Expert Kitchen Renovations

Every home deserves kitchen renovation so that the heart of your home can be revived. We have top notch quality equipment and cabinets that look amazing. Call us at our local number for more information. Invest in high quality tools so your life can be more peaceful and happening.

Kitchen Renovations

Our Comprehensive Services

Expert Masons change the outlook of your entire property, call us today to book an appointment today!

Brownstone Renovation

Make your bricks the star of the show by availing our Brownstone Renovation services today.

Cornice Restoration

Improve the structural integrity of your property by utilising our cornice restoration.

Cornice Repair

Any broken, unrepaired cornice is a thing of the past with our expert cornice repair. Call us today for an appointment!

Protect your house, and invest in a good waterproofing, thus contact us for a reliable waterproofing.


We use premium materials in our roofing, hence call us today for amazing quality today!

Makes your joints have strong structural integrity, and functionality. Call us to make an appointment with us today!

Call us to do the heavy lifting and the heavy work. Our crew members are always here to make you at ease.

Kitchen Renovations

Professional Kitchen Renovations

Are you ready to embark on a journey to transform your entire kitchen? Call us at our local number for more information and what suits you best. We also bring your vision boards to life whether it is a white pristine kitchen or a beautiful green themed earthy kitchen. We have it all.

Area We Serve

Brooklyn, NY

Manhattan, NY

Easy Kitchen Renovations

Expert & easy services and quality craftsmanship, we bring you amazing services so that you do not have to change your companies again and again. We have high quality cabinets and flooring to bring your visions to life. Call us at our local number for expert craftsmanship.

Versatile Kitchen Renovations

Our experts and quality materials will allow you to have amazing designs and versatile options, whether you want something edgy or classy. We have something for everyone. Call us today for an appointment and let your kitchen dreams come true.

Easy Kitchen Renovations
Functionality & Work Flow

Functionality & Work Flow

An outdated kitchen will hinder your work flow and cause problems even while performing small tasks. We offer complete kitchen renovations & remodelling that look amazing and bring you ease. We have multiple options to choose from so what are you waiting for call and book us now.

Health and Hygiene

Keep the health and hygiene of your kitchen. With our updated appliances, and top notch services, you never have to compromise on the quality of your renovation that ultimately affects the whole house. Call us at our local number for more information so that you know what looks best on your property.

Consultation in Brooklyn

Captain renovations bring you free obligation free estimates, that will allow you to have a better understanding about what you like and what you do not. We bring you free assessments as well where we come in and look around your property for a better understanding.

Thorough Inspection

Before suggesting any solutions we do a thorough inspection of the entire property, making sure there are no stones unturned. This ensures you get premium services and that too quickly.

Consultation in Brooklyn
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Call us today to book an appointment with our crew today for flawless renovation today!

About Us

Our company for generations has been making sure that you only get quality service. Our staff truly cares about your project hence they are not just old buildings but your heritage and home, therefore choosing us would not only be the smart decision but a great one too.We deal in commercial services and residential services as well.We bring you extreme detail and attention to our designs. Hence call us today for an appointment with our architecture today so you can find your perfect match.