Facade restoration

New York Historical Facade Restoration

Captain Facade Restoration is a specialized masonry contractor with expertise in a wide range of quality concrete restoration, stone and masonry restoration, and waterproofing services. Our company’s core value directives emphasize a commitment to safety, quality, and the communities in which we work.
We provide traditional conservation and restoration methods for masonry, lime renders and plastering, timber, roof, and chimney repairs for listed, historic, and period buildings. Simply put, we repair, paint, clean, and fully restore your building façade.

We are conservation driven in our approach to masonry cleaning, building repair, and restoration. Employing professional brownstone facade restoration and conservation solutions, including stone and brick repairs, repointing, and sensitive cleaning, for complete sympathetic restoration and refurbishment of external façades. We work with cornice repair, limestone, brick pointing, masonry contractor, bathroom, and kitchen remodeling from across New York City and use sensitive, non-abrasive techniques to help restore and increase the cornices of your building. We provide complete building envelope refurbishment services from the roof restoration to the ground.

Facade restoration

Brownstone Facade Restoration provides a free inspection, free estimation, and overall guidance and consultation for all general construction needs. Our objective is to provide honest, professional, and customer satisfaction to our valued clients.

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