Masonry Contractor

We believe in quality through experience in Masonry Contractor. Experienced in all aspects. Therefore Architectural Stone Masonry, Building, Restoration and Conservation. We are able to as a Contractor deal Masonry with projects both on large and small scales.

Most of all modern construction Contractor a distinction is made among the following basic types of Masonry Work in Brooklyn. Stonework, depending on the materials used brickwork on walls, columns, and other parts of buildings and structures, made with ordinary (fired) and silica brick without facing; with faced brick or ceramic stone; with hollow ceramic stones or solid or hollow slag concrete stones, which are used mainly for the walls of frame buildings or for the load-bearing walls of buildings with a limited number of floors; also swan stone, predominantly light natural stone (tuffs and limestone); and Masonry Work with large concrete, reinforced-concrete, or brick blocks.

Masonry Work Service

Whether we are making a component for a Grade I Listed building or for a new build project. Our well equipped workshop brings state of the art technology. We are together with age old crafts and techniques. We are Contractor based For Masonry Work In Brooklyn, Manhattan also New York. Such as information on both the traditional, and modern Masonry techniques.