Brick Pointing Work Contractor

For your convenience, we also check flashing, provide masonry cleaning of all work. and clean up the job site and haul away any debris, Pointing Work. In addition to Brick Pointing, we also work with chimney caps, flue liners. and provide custom indoor and outdoor fireplaces.

Brick Pointing Work

Captain Renovation & Contracting Inc. Is an Contractor For Brick Pointing Work In Brooklyn Manhattan In NYC City. When you are in need of pointing for more than just your chimney. We’ll be happy to help. Brick Pointing is available for entire buildings, whole houses and spot Pointing. and also includes grinding out mortar joints and refilling the area with new mortar. We replace all broken bricks with new matching bricks, and remove old concrete chimney-caps and pour new caps for proper water runoff.
Brick Pointing also consists of checking and repairing flashing and caulking for your building, cleaning. and scrubbing all of our work, and cleaning up the job site and hauling away debris.

Brick Pointing Services in Manhattan NY

Pointing is repairing and filling gaps or voids between masonry units (such as bricks or stones) with mortar. This process helps to strengthen the structure and protect it from water infiltration and other weather-related damage.

These services are typically performed by professional contractors specializing in masonry repair and restoration. The procedure entails removing the old, damaged mortar and replacing it with fresh mortar identical to the old mortar in terms of texture and color. It helps preserve the appearance of the building while also improving its structural integrity.

Regular Masonry restoration services may be necessary for routine building maintenance, especially for older buildings that may be more susceptible to weathering and damage over time. The frequency of Brick Pointing services in Manhattan, New York will vary depending on several variables, including the age of the building, the local climate and weather, and the general state of the masonry.

Why are Pointing Services Important in Brooklyn NY?

Building care is crucial for the protection and security of buildings, especially in places like Brooklyn, New York where there is a wide range of weather throughout the year. One important aspect of building maintenance is repairing the mortar joints between bricks or stones. The joints can crack or deteriorate over time due to weathering, leading to water infiltration, instability, and structural damage. The damage can be even more severe in older buildings. Therefore, it is essential to spot damage early and take the necessary steps to stop further deterioration. The building’s structure can be strengthened and shielded from future harm by repairing and preserving the mortar joints, assuring the building’s durability and safety for years to come. Captain Renovation & Contracting Inc provides the best Brick Pointing services in Brooklyn, NY.

Why are Brick Pointing services important in Brooklyn NY

Why are pointing services important in Brooklyn NY

Maintenance tips to extend the life of your Brick Pointing in Manhattan NY

Maintaining the mortar joints in your building’s masonry is crucial to ensure the longevity and safety of your structure in Manhattan, NY. Here are some tips to extend the life of your masonry:

  • You should regularly inspect the masonry of your structure to look for any signs of deterioration or damage. 
  • Ensure the gutters and downspouts function correctly to prevent water infiltration into the masonry. 
  • Consider adding a water-repellent sealer to shield the stonework from weather-related damage. 
  • Avoid using harsh chemicals or pressure washers that can damage the masonry. 
  • Selecting the right type of mortar for your building’s masonry is essential. Using too hard or rigid mortar can lead to cracking and deterioration of the masonry.

To get advice on how to preserve the masonry of your building, it is best to speak with our experienced contractor.

How to repair damaged Brick Point on a brick wall in Brooklyn NY?

To repair damaged mortar on a brick wall in Brooklyn, NY, start by removing the damaged mortar with a chisel or grinder and then cleaning the joint with a wire brush. Next, mix a batch of new mortar and dampen the joint with water. Apply the new mortar to the joint using a masonry trowel, pressing it firmly into the space, and then smooth it out with a finishing tool to match the surrounding mortar. Allow the new mortar to cure properly, avoiding excessive water exposure for the first few days. The new mortar must match the old mortar in color and composition for the repair to succeed.

How much does Brick Pointing cost in Manhattan NY?

The cost of masonry maintenance and repairs can vary based on several variables, including the project’s size and complexity, the kind of masonry utilized, and the degree of damage or degradation. Generally, minor repairs or touch-ups may cost less than full-scale restoration work. You must spend money on high-quality masonry services to guarantee your structure’s lifespan and structural integrity.


In Manhattan, NY, the average cost of masonry repairs and maintenance can depend on the scope of work. Working with a reputable and experienced professional contractor who can provide a detailed estimate and outline your project’s expected costs and timelines is crucial. While the cost of masonry services may seem daunting, investing in quality repairs and maintenance can save you money in the long run by avoiding costly structural damage and repairs in Manhattan, NY.