Pointing Work Contractor

For your convenience, we also check flashing, provide masonry cleaning of all work. and clean up the job site and haul away any debris, Pointing Work. In addition to Pointing, we also work with chimney caps, flue liners. and provide custom indoor and outdoor fireplaces.

Brick Pointing Work

Captain Renovation & Contracting Inc. Is an Contractor For Pointing Work In Brooklyn Manhattan In NYC City. When you are in need of pointing for more than just your chimney. We’ll be happy to help. Brick Pointing is available for entire buildings, whole houses and spot Pointing. and also includes grinding out mortar joints and refilling the area with new mortar. We replace all broken bricks with new matching bricks, and remove old concrete chimney-caps and pour new caps for proper water runoff.
Brick Pointing also consists of checking and repairing flashing and caulking for your building, cleaning. and scrubbing all of our work, and cleaning up the job site and hauling away debris.