Bathroom Renovations Services in Manhattan NY

Bathroom Renovations at its finest, call us today for the taste of luxury and amazing quality craftsmanship. We bring you bathroom renovations services in Manhattan, NY so you can experience the ultimate remodelling. Call us today for an appointment!

Professional Remodeling

We bring you professional remodeling so you can sit back and relax, while we revamp your whole bathroom. We only use top notch high grade materials such as tiles and glass so that you can have the ultimate experience of a luxury remodel. Our experts give high detail to design which sets us apart from other bathroom remodel providers. Call us at a local number for professional remodelling.

Professional Remodeling Services in Manhattan, NY

Our Comprehensive Services

We add flare to your property by installing premium custom made driveways, pool decks, outdoor living areas, and fireplaces.

Brownstone Renovation

To make your brownstone stand out from the others, contact us now at our neighbourhood store for an appointment.

Cornice Restoration

Captain Renovations combines current luxury and creative concepts into one. Contact us at our local number for cornice restoration.

Cornice Repair

Our specialists not only repair damage, but also add personal touches, guaranteeing that your cornice is a one-of-a-kind monument to both tradition and modern beauty.

Call us today for amazing waterproofing services that not only look beautiful but also safeguard your home with our waterproofing services.


Premium quality materials that will enhance the look of your rooftop, and property. Call us for an appointment today!

Our brick Pointing services will make sure you get the best type of brick enhancement and improve aesthetics. Call us at our local number today!

We make sure that you relax and we do the hard work. Our crew members are always here to make you at ease.

Elevate Your Bathroom with us

Elevate Your Bathroom

Our top quality repairs and materials take your mediocre bathroom up a notch. From extreme high priced tiles to your locally made sanitary cabinets, we take care of everything. Call us at our local number for more information on different types of tiles and flooring which suit your style the best,

Area We Serve

Brooklyn, NY

Manhattan, NY

Expert Designs for Bathroom Renovations

We have multiple designs and amazing services that look best on your style of the house. Call us at our local number for more amazing designs. We have luxury designs and pretty floorings so that your visions can come to life. We have multiple designers that make sure that you are getting the attention you deserve.

Affordable Solutions

Even though we have luxury brands, we also deal in a number of locally made beautifully made products. Call us at our local number for information on these brands.

Get Expert Designs for Bathroom Renovations
Avail Professional Services in Bathroom Renovations

Professional Services in Bathroom Renovations

We bring professional air to your bathroom space, from commercial bathrooms to luxury bathtub services in Bathrooms. We cater to your every liking, choose from the high variety of tiles and flooring provided in house. We even import the ones you want so that your visions could be brought to life.

Locally Sourced Materials

As much as we take pride in making expensive floorings and kitchen renovations, we also have amazing locally sourced materials that will shine in your bathrooms. Our locally sourced and handcrafted bathroom inventory is some of our best work. Call us today for amazing and locally sourced bathroom installations that will increase the charm of your bathroom.

Exceptional Bathroom Services

We bring you exceptional services so that you can bring your entire vision to life. Call us at our local number for more information. Our team of experienced workers and contractors that work around the clock to produce amazing results.

Custom Solutions

We bring you custom solutions, as we understand the fact that no one is the same, everyone has different types and different visions. We provide custom solutions that will suit you and your needs.

Exceptional Bathroom Services near you
Complete Bathroom Remodel Service

Complete Bathroom Remodel

We bring you complete remodelling services so that you can bask in the luxury of a high end bathroom, call us at our local number for more information. We deal in commercial solutions as well as residential, therefore we can always call in for an estimate today!

Customer Oriented

It is your home hence we the final say will always be yours. We bring your visions to life thus our customer oriented approach will help to reach the best results. Our designers and architects carefully craft designs that suit your sense of style.Call us today to book an appointment with us today!

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About Us

Captain Renovation is a landmark name that has been preserving historic buildings and heritage for years now. We deal in commercial services and residential services as well.We bring you extreme detail and attention to our designs. Hence call us today for an appointment with our architecture today so you can find your perfect match.