Our Services

Facade Restoration

Facade Restoration

We improve the aesthetic appeal and overall appearance of your front elevation using our amazing facade restoration services. With years of experience revitalise the look of our property and make it more interesting. Call us today for further details on facade restoration.

Brownstone Restoration

Brownstone Restoration

A beautiful brownstone is a new york city landmark, we fix and revitalise the look of your brownstone improving appearance and character. We offer restoration services that cover the front elevation of your brownstone property including repairing and upgrading the structural integrity. Call us to make an appointment with our crew today!

Cornice Restoration

Cornice Restoration

Through assessment and analysis our experts come up with reliable cornice restoration services for our clients. Our team works in a collaboration with you to improve the structural integrity and look of your property. With years of experience under our belt we make sure you get the best service.

Sidewalk Repaving

Captain renovation provides sidewalk repaving to make your property more secure. We replace, repair, remodel the sidewalk which has been damaged or could not withstand the test of time. We only use quality materials and best equipment so your sidewalk retains its functionality for a long period of time.


Waterproof your property now and make it withstand the test of time. With waterproofing you can resist the water damage caused by rain and snow. Waterproofing increases the durability of your building and walls making it easier to maintain the appearance of your property. Applying waterproofing to your property will not let water infiltrate its walls, thus maintaining structural integrity.


Yes we do the heavy lifting quite literally. With state of the art rigging systems we provide excellent equipment to do the heavy lifting on your property. So if you are a heavy do it yourself person we highly suggest that you use our amazing rigging services to make your life easier.

Roofing Services


A great roofing can make or break your house. Use our ultimate roofing renovations and services to increase the structural and look of it. A good roofing will help increase the functionality and prevent you from any water leaks in the future. With multiple design options to choose from we have the best experts in town to do your roofing.

Brick Pointing

Our brick pointing services will leave you hundred percent satisfied and your joints as solid as steel. With great materials we fix and repair your old joints so that the structure can be maintained for a long time. With an expert crew we make sure your building is well looked after. Call us today to make an appointment with us today!


Enhance the appearance of your building and use our masonry service to add a touch of old money spice to your building. We bring the charm and structural resilience with our masonry services. Our skilled masons have years of experience under them making them the best crew in town for work on your property. Call us today for more information on masonry and much more.